Friday, January 13, 2012

Babies, Christmas, and Sweet Friends...

Well, most of you probably know, but we are having another sweet baby! We are so excited and my due date is August 11th :) I've been to the doctor once and we were able to see the baby's heartbeat and my doctor said everything looked great so far! I've been feeling good, just super tired. Thankfully, Levi takes a napt for about 3 hours every afternoon, so I have been napping it up with him!

We had such a relaxing Christmas Break. I really love that we get two weeks off for Christmas and an entire month off between semesters! It is a MUCH needed break after the busyness of Fall Semester. My mom got up with Levi EVERY morning. I was so spoiled when we left :)

Levi LOVES playing rough!

We spent a weekend in Texas for a wedding I was in and stayed with some friends. I was busy with bridesmaid duties for most of the weekend and this is one of the cute pictures John Aaron sent me...

Lunch with friends from home!

We met our college friends for dinner one night and met their sweet new baby, Rhett.
Rhett and Levi share a birthday, except Levi is one year older!

....And this is the sweet bride!

Students came back Thursday and Welcome Week starts on Monday...We are looking forward to what God is going to do this semester!

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